Translation Services

Clear communication is the lifeblood of business, both within the organization and between a company and its vendors, collaborators, and customers. In a multilingual environment, quality professional translating services can mean the difference between embarrassing failure and global success.

Benefits of working directly with a professional translator

Working directly with an experienced translator offers significant advantages over working through a translation agency as intermediary:

  • Direct communication
    You communicate directly with me, meaning no delays or misunderstandings when detailing your requirements and project parameters or if I need additional information from you during the course of a project.
  • Flexible, streamlined process with quicker turnaround
    Fewer people involved means a simpler workflow and fewer opportunities for things to fall through the cracks. I’ll be completely focused on your needs, never on needlessly convoluted processes at my end. At the same time, my experience in fast-paced agency environments gives me the skills to manage even your most complex projects.
  • Reliable quality — satisfaction guaranteed!
    You know exactly who’s doing the work every time — and it’ll never be an inexperienced, untested freelancer from an online job board.
  • Lower cost
    No agency markup means lower cost for you, and source language pricing means you know upfront exactly what your project will cost before you issue a work order.

Experience & expertise

I’ve been translating commercial, financial, and legal documents for major corporate and government clients since 1993. The types of documents I typically translate include:

  • Commercial contracts, standard terms and conditions, warranties
  • Financial accounting & reporting (IFRS, US/German/Austrian/Swiss GAAP), including:
    • Annual & quarterly reports
    • Audit reports
  • Human resource
    • Employment contracts
    • Codes of conduct
    • Benefits; government and private health & pension insurance documents
    • Cross-border tax documents
    • Expense reimbursement policies
    • Performance reviews & reference letters
    • Collective bargaining documents
    • Education & training materials
    • In-house newsletters
  • Insurance policies
  • Banking regulation & supervision
  • Securities markets
    • Compliance
    • Investor relations
  • Marketing, customer communications, PR, sales collateral

See here for a list of recent projects.

Cultural & linguistic proficiency

I have close family ties and/or have lived for years in the countries where my source languages are spoken. I maintain active business and social relationships there and keep abreast of both general news and business developments. This keeps me up to speed on the latest buzzwords and topics of interest in my fields.

At the same time, I take pride in my sensitivity to the rhythms and flows and rich vocabulary of the English language. Working with me means your documents will never sound “foreign.”


I am a native US English speaker; I also have extensive experience translating into British and “European” English. Because I translate exclusively into English, my work never has that awkward “foreign accent” sometimes found in translated documents. I translate into English from the following languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Czech
  • Slovak

Should you also need translations from other languages or from English into foreign languages, I work with a small, carefully selected team of experienced professionals to provide those services as well. Please contact me for details.